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Academix Excellence’s mission is to help children and young adults develop to their full potential so that they can excel in all areas of life.

We address learning difficulties like ADHD through our learning difficulties program and assist with reading problems as reading forms the basis of learning which will influence the child’s ability to perform well in all subjects. To empower children to improve reading we use the Academix software package which contains reading lessons as well as games to improve memory, concentration and much more.

We train adults to run their own business, do sales training and reading program training. We run youth upliftment programs and train unemployed youth in for example sales, programming, and running reading centres.

Reading Program

Kids struggling to read? 

Improve reading skills

Learning Program

Kids struggling to learn?

Improve learning skills

Training Program

Kids learn to code?

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Sponsor a child to read or code in South Africa.


Your sponsorship helps the needy and  the unemployed to gain skills to for a better life 

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