Learning Program

How do you know if your child has a problem?

Answer the following regarding your child. Is your child:

  • Restless, fidgeting, easily distracted, impulsive?
  • Having problems with concentrating/paying attention, not finishing tasks?
  • Avoiding movement or always moving/running/jumping?
  • Always falling, being clumsy/uncoordinated, and knocking things over accidentally?
  • Running into furniture, walls or people?
  • Having difficulty distinguishing between left and right?
  • Avoiding noisy places/placing hands over ears?
  • Having difficulty with tying shoelaces/getting dressed?
  • Getting tired quickly, slouching, and leaning against objects?
  • Having difficulty reading, showing delayed language development?
  • Responding slowly to verbal commands or not responding at all?
  • Not tolerating light touch at all, reacting to touch by hitting/kicking?
  • Very emotional and frustrated when things are not right?
  • Refusing to cooperate, being stubborn or inflexible, and overreacting?
  • A fussy eater?
  • Having difficulty to cut with scissors and colouring in between lines?
  • Always in trouble at school because of distracting/hitting others or other negative behaviour?
  • Already diagnosed with having ADD/ADHD?
  • Using prescribed medicine such as Ritalin or similar?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, your child may benefit from our learning program. We use movement to address difficulties in the body systems that supports learning and behaviour. We use a detailed questionnaire that must be completed for the child and submitted, after which a customized program for your child will be emailed to you.

For more information about the systems involved in learning and behaviour Click here