What is the Academix Reading Program?


Academix is an educational program which runs on Windows computers with Win 8 or higher, and the program uses dynamic methods to achieve academic progress for all learners who use it.  It isn’t a program to teach children how to read, but rather help those learners with reading problems to read better and faster, or to help learners who already read well to read faster and more efficiently. The games in Academix can be used to help beginner readers with aspects like visual discrimination, memory, sequences and more.

The following areas are covered by the program:

  • Visual discrimination
  • Sequences
  • Analysis and synthesis
  • Letter recognition (foundation phase)
  • Word construction
  • Concentration
  • Memory
  • Spelling
  • Certain grammar principles e.g. plurals, diminutives, synonyms and antonyms
  • Sentence construction
  • Reading skills
  • Comprehension

Educational principles as foundation of the program

  1. Academix is not meant to be a beginner’s reading program but rather an educational program which achieves academic progress for learners in all subjects of which reading skills are an essential part.
  2. The basic viewpoint is that each learner should be confronted with challenging methods and games to help develop these abilities more effectively. At the same time the lessons are graded to satisfy the level of interest and age of each learner. This ensures that the program can be used as a correctional reading program and/or a developmental reading program. For example, the weak reader can first read lessons on lower levels and the superior reader can read higher level lessons to further improve and develop his/her reading ability. Reading speed must be adjusted manually and doesn’t occur automatically as learners who struggle with reading should start reading at a slower speed. Reading speed is recorded by the program and reports can be accessed in teacher’s mode. The same applies for the speed with regard to the games.
  3. Reading and writing are directly correlated and must be taught in conjunction with each other. To teach or improve reading or to correct wrong techniques in reading successfully one needs to incorporate the writing abilities.
  4. Reading speed and comprehension of what was read is very important. Speed reading without comprehension has no value and maximum comprehension at a slow pace inhibits maximum scholastic achievement. It is also important to note not only how many questions, but also which questions have been correctly answered. To improve comprehensive reading we encourage the learner to search for the correct answers to those s/he had incorrect in the lesson. This helps her/him to practice reading critically and simultaneously take note of important facts.
  5. Academix makes provision for the learners to practice the correct spelling of difficult new and important words. This is achieved firstly with flash words (Fun with Words). In this section there are crossword puzzles, word searches, hangman games, word deciphering and word jumbles.

Modes in which the program functions:

Teacher’s mode:

The teacher’s mode shows extra choices, e.g. the functions concerning changes or additional lesson material including learner administration like reading reports is shown. It is not visible in the learner’s mode. Note: The program will only allow one teacher to register on the system. The purpose of this is to prevent a learner registering her/himself as a teacher, thus gaining access to the teacher’s mode.

Learner’s mode:

Certain functions, as mentioned in the previous paragraph, are not available. Other than that the learner can access all the exercises.

Age levels in both the teacher’s and learner’s modes:  

There are different exercises depending on the level of the lesson. If the learner’s level is 01-03 A or E there will be three additional exercises in the Fun with Words section. (A for Afrikaans and E for English)

The three exercises are: 1. Words and Pictures. 2. Insert (fill in) the correct letters and 3. Find the word pairs. The aim of these games is to provide a foundation to learners at their own level through enjoyable games.

To view the user manual for primary school children download it here. (Take note that the pictures will differ in the full package which caters for higher grades.)

Academix is available as a private use package from grade 0 to grade 12 (with a maximum of 5 users), or as a school/business/reading centre package (with an unlimited amount of users), that can be loaded on one computer or more. 

Academix is a unique program which is used by many schools and educational institutions, for example the University of North-West, to address reading problems and to ensure that students read the correct amount of words per minute. Academix also includes several reading techniques to cater for different needs of children.

Another unique feature of Academix is all the games built into the program to address grammar, spelling, concentration and memory. There are several reading techniques built into the program to assist children, as well as fixations to help them read faster and more efficiently.

The teacher/administrator (the parent in private packages) can even add study material of other subjects to the program so that the child reads what he/she has to learn. Academix is thus unique in that you can also add your own material to it in Teacher mode by scanning it in or adding it in electronic format. You can add comprehension questions to material where learners have to know the content or make changes to content currently included in the lessons.

A huge advantage of Academix is that no yearly fees are payable and any upgrades (every few years) to the program will never be compulsory. If you need more information or have questions please send email to info@academixexcellence.co.za.


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